Project YY - James Hatton (March 2017)

Hello – my name’s James. I have spent the last few months collating and compiling various scattered and fragmentary notes I made while living and working in a geographically marginalized society in the Northern Hemisphere, here code-named ‘Y’. At times found in rushed circumstances and settings such as street-corners and drive-in churches, and at others more lengthily sought out in lounges and home-offices, the pieces I am about to share have been collected sporadically over the last three years. Five years would be closer to the truth, but I don’t trust odd numbers. I have used the call and response structure with liberty and abandon, building various splinters in as poorly constructed stepping-stones in an attempt to reconcile their futility. You don’t need to know these facets of my research - I am only telling you this up front in order to set you very slightly on edge.



(Follow+ txtxt.tv for) a month of phone-hand therapy-help-love as you are softly-kindly encouraged to maybe-baby-wipe your phone. Every year has a new energy, you know, and 2016 is the year of us all just realising things,,,realising your phone wants self-care, too, moisturising instruction, I guess. In GUIDED AUGMENTATION Gabrielle will hold your hand until you have 100% battery :*

Artist and writer Gabrielle de la Puente works around a self-reflexive commentary on her behaviour as framed by the state of living within, across, and between an augmented reality. She basically likes computers and thinks about what it all means. Gabrielle offers her personal criticism with irony and optimism, but tbh sometimes it gets #deep. Co-Founder of The White Pube, she maintains this IDGAF levity in her practice, across URL territories, and in her gym bravado lol
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boil (feat. open call)

(March - August 2016)
Boil is an exhibition that lacks in any form of a curatorial theme outside of the exploration of a text-piece, as the single aim for this six-month period is to test the boundaries of what this platform (a text-based text broadcasting service) is and to maybe envision what it is possible for it to achieve. It's going to end up a little bit like a mix-and-mix of work, all shoved together in a little paper bag. Just without any of those little pink and white chocolate mice, they are awful.

There will be work from artists that:
  • work prilarmy in text
  • occasionally dabble in a bit of text
  • just don’t know
  • are an organisation
  • are recent graduates
  • are doing quite well for themselves


txtxt.tv is an artist-run platform dedicated to commissioning and broadcasting text-based artwork from artists via text message. The exhibition programme is sporadic and ran on an ad hoc basis.

Now Showing:
Project YY - James Hatton

Director: Jacob Watmore



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